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company awarded the honorary title of energy-saving products, building energy efficiency

In order to further standardize the management of the company, improve staff efficiency, I actively learn from advanced management experience, in the whole company to carry out 5S management of the study and assessment work.
5S management refers to the production site of personnel, machinery, materials, methods and other factors of production management, the core idea is to organize, rectify, clean, clean and quality. Since the first letters of these 5 words are S, so referred to as the "5S" management. This management model originated in Japan, because of its good effect, quickly swept the world.
The company is first of all employees of the organization learning management contents of 5S, the staff training, the relevant departments of the organization experienced leadership inspection team, in every working day with occasional inspection staff, the inspection found problems, timely record and find the reasons, points out the improvement measures, the content in the weekly schedule will be informed; at the same time, code of conduct for each group of the inspection team to score, and awarded the "cheetah" Pennant on total score of the first team at the end of the month to month; the total score of last team is awarded humane "snail" pennant, to motivate the staff in the next month well.
Since the implementation of 5S over the past two months, have received remarkable results: staff work in order, efficiency is significantly improved; the team cohesion can further enhance the sense of honor to enhance staff. In the next time, we will continue to promote the 5S management, as a more scientific, to provide strong support for more efficient production.




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