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Vortex self suction pump

  • 1.5WZB-1100XW
  • 1.5WZB-1100XW
  • 1.5WZB-1100XW
  • 1.5WZB-1100XW


1.5WZB-1100XW vortex type high pressure self sucking pump
Product features
Pump and motor direct connection, compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to install, easy to use;
Suction lift up to 9 meters, self priming time is short, high lift;
Over current components (copper alloy) and (cast iron electrophoresis) treatment, with anti-corrosion, rust proof;
Low noise design, equipped with international advanced mechanical seal and motor overload protection device, stable and reliable operation;
The rotor parts are processed by dynamic balance to ensure the stable operation of the pump.
Scope of application
Domestic water;
Pipeline pressurization;
Water tower, solar water.
technical parameter
Rated flow: 3M fand /h;
Rated head: 30m;
Rated power: 1100W, 220V/50Hz;
Conveying medium maximum temperature: no more than +40;
Transmission medium pH value: 6.5 ~ 8.5;
Solid phase volume ratio of transport media: no more than 0.1%;
Conveying medium particle size: particle size is not greater than 0.2mm;
Voltage fluctuation range: 220V+7% ~ -10%.
Structure characteristics
Copper impeller, stainless steel shaft;
Stationary impeller;
Italy imported silicon carbide seal;
The suction inlet is provided with a check valve;
Cast iron motor cylinder;
Cast iron motor base, split pump casing;
Cast iron motor base, integral pump casing.
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